@inference @k3vk4 Wait until they learn ICANN and IANAN are non-profits largely managed by the government. The DNS System and IP Address assignment is managed by the government who on a whim can get a court order to seize any domain name or revoke an IP Range from an uncooperative ISP. For all practical purpose the United States government already controls the internet.

@catgirl @k3vk4 We should experiment with CA-style web of trust, akin to RSA web of trust. It's not perfect, but it's likely the best way to have IP address-based decentralisation with TLS.

@inference @k3vk4 we have RPKI or whatever it’s called to sign BGP routes but ISPs fail to implement it.

@catgirl @k3vk4 We need a method which avoids the need to rely on governments or ISPs. Onion sites achieve this best, currently.

@catgirl @inference @k3vk4

It's sort of good that they don't, because if they did then IP ranges would be under the control of DNS, which is more centralized. As it is, ISPs can just refuse any ridiculous silly claims against their IP addresses and can de-peer anyone who tries to hijack them.

@catgirl @inference @k3vk4

Now unfortunately a bunch of big centralized companies control nearly all of the wires, which is a Big Problem, and one that I personally have been trying to do something about for some time. But it's slow going...

@inference @[email protected] @catgirl there was a MonkeySphere plugin for Firefox that implemented PGP-web-of-trust-based TLS thingamajig.

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