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Two instance things of note:
- A large amount of federation was unsuccessful under TLS 1.3 strict mode. Unfortunately I’ve had to roll back the changes which enforce TLS 1.2 due to a large population that of the fediverse failing to update OpenSSL on their servers.
- Currently our backend object storage system (for images, etc) is experiencing high error rate. Image uploads/downloads may be slower or fail. I’m investigating the root cause. Cloudflare cache should at least mitigate partially.

Netflix has no account security. Customer support will change details with a phone call. 32-character randomly generated password didn’t matter. I just woke up and have a lot to do so I guess I will figure this out later. Billing details (and presumably password and email) adjusted by support. I don’t watch a lot of Netflix but it’s still annoying. At 3AM too lmao πŸ˜‚

@catgirl Yeah. The best offers come when no one's buying, for all the obvious reasons.

After Christmas and stuff I have less disposable income for a while; Instacart is trying to get me to buy more alcohol lmao. I am taking a break πŸ˜‚

Reminds me of the time spammers were suing because spam filters, because something something "interfering with mail is illegal".

Monday evening and no iOS update to fix WebKit bugs. This is really bad.

You only sell eBooks that you email us a code and link to a third party app. Charging for shipping would be insane lmfao

@lewdthewides @catgirl Why would it be? Apple is always about form, not function.

If the Ethernet cable looks nice, that's all that matters... right?

Good morning Fediverse. More progress is being made today on the server. I am doing another sprint to continue implementing the many web forms needed for account settings and preferences.

Sort of a joke for a mastodon ad 

"come to mastodon! Where even the tankies put a smile on your face"

/home/chjara/Work/nekoforth/kernel/b_memory.hxx:3:38: error: expected primary-expression before β€˜>’ token 3 | auto addr = vm->sp.pop().p<cell_t>(); | ^

the fuck?

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